Construction Site Liability Due to Negligence

While workers on construction sites know and understand that there is inherent risk in working in such a dangerous environment, normal citizens and passersby of construction sites have no legal responsibility to assume the same risk. When the managers or workers of construction sites are negligent in maintaining the safety of a construction site, innocent people can be injured easily, and their injuries might lead to financial burdens like medical treatment and not being able to return to work soon. However, those who are responsible for the safety of construction sites might be held accountable for negligence if other people are injured on or near the sites.

Construction site negligence can take many forms and might lead to a variety of injuries. Some of the most common injuries sustained in construction site negligence cases include broken bones, lacerations, bone crush, burns, and similar injuries, though a huge variety of injuries are possible. So many different factors can cause these injuries, and it’s important to know what kind of negligence might be blamed for a particular injury.

Common Incidents of Negligence

Negligence is often considered a broad term, but in relation to construction sites, negligence might refer to any behavior that disregards the safety or health of any person who is near the construction site. Some forms of negligence might include things like:

  • Obstructions in walkways / roadways
  • Falling objects in pedestrian areas
  • Failure to contain debris / explosions
  • Failure to contain toxic substances
  • Operation of vehicles unsafely

All of these incidents could lead to the serious injury of innocent people who happen to be near the construction site in question. However, while the physical and financial consequences of such a situation can be dire, sometimes victims can get compensation to help them through it.

If you or someone you care about has been the victim of any form of construction site negligence, you might be eligible for a lawsuit. You may want to think about contacting an experienced workplace negligence lawyer today to discuss your options.

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  1. Construction accidents are so common today. I hope construction managers are more careful in the future.

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