Factors In Changing Child Custody Agreements

When a parent wants to get the custody agreement established by the courts changed, they may need to consider a variety of factors that can strongly influence the court’s decision. These factors have a significant impact in large part due to how the court envisions child custody agreements. According to the courts, any custody plan drawn up needs to support the child’s best interests. If one parent is clearly a better influence or could provide a better environment to grow and learn, that parent is more likely to receive preferential treatment by the court.

Modifying Agreements

Child custody cases can often become incredibly complicated, in part due to how much judgment the court is allowed to make in regards to a range of factors. These factors, which can ultimately govern any attempt to modify a custody agreement, include the following:

? Which parent is better financially suited to care for the child
? A parent’s criminal record
? How much time a parent has to spend at home
? If a parent has any psychological concerns, including addictions or disorders
? How well a parent has followed the custody order

Depending on these factors, it may be easier or more difficult for some parents to get their changes to the custody agreement approved by the court. However, if both parents agree to these changes, the court may be more willing to make the requested changes as long as the child’s best interest is maintained.

Moving to Change an Agreement

If you’re considering having your child custody agreement changed, an attorney may be able to help you manage and present your case inside and outside the court. To learn more about this process and how a legal professional can provide assistance, contact an child custody attorney today.

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