Occupational Illnesses From The Construction Site

Illnesses that afflict a construction worker and are directed related to their employment, such as silicosis among miners on some jpb sites are known as occupational illnesses. Afflictions such as these differ from typical construction injuries in that they are usually not the result of one incident and may take a significant amount of time to manifest. In order to provide workers who are suffering from occupational illnesses access to benefits, Pennsylvania workers compensation law allows the worker to claim an illness within four years of their last date of employment. Submitting a claim within this time frame is quite important, as the failure to do so may disqualify a claim that would otherwise be valid.

Submitting a Claim

The gradual nature of many occupational illnesses may require more effort on the employees part in order to prove the work-related nature of the illness. They must be sure to identify the illness within the four year statute of limitations and be able to show the relationship between the illness and their employment. Following are a few important aspects of claiming an occupational illness:

  • Application ensuring that an initial claim is as accurate as possible increases the chance of its acceptance and avoids the difficulties of denials and appeals, which may unnecessarily extend the entire process
  • Evidence perhaps the most contentious issue, which requires the claimant to show how their illness directly resulted from their employment. Many such claims will require testimony from medical professionals, and a history of medical examinations may strengthen such claims.
  • The majority of occupational illnesses will require long term disability benefits in order to manage the condition, which many employers and insurance carriers are likely to dispute.

Legal Action

If you are considering claiming an occupational illness or have any questions concerning the application process, a team of workers compensation attorneys can provide you with knowledgeable answers as well as professional legal representation.

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