Wrong Site Surgery

Surgical errors are an unfortunately common occurrence in hospitals across the country, with some studies estimating almost forty occurring every week. One of the most frequent errors of this kind is known as wrong site surgery, when a medical professional performs a surgical procedure on the wrong body part, limb, or patient.

Surgeries are invasive operations that are inherently risky even when done correctly. When medical workers do not act in a responsible manner, such as failing to communicate with the surgeon, their negligent behavior could result in surgical errors and grievous injuries. These errors could have a severe and lasting impact on a patients life, who now must struggle to recover not only from their original condition, but also a new injury that could have been avoided.

Common Causes and Types of Wrong Site Surgery

Surgeries often involve several groups of medical professionals working together, whether they are prepping the patient for the operation or actually performing the surgery. Surgical errors often occur because one or some of these workers are not as informed as they should be or are operating under mitigating circumstances, such as fatigue. A few more causes of wrong site surgery, and some of its types, are as follows:

  • Surgeon is unfamiliar with the patients case
  • Medical workers prep the patient and mark the wrong site
  • Surgeon operates on the incorrect body part
  • Surgeon performs the wrong procedure on the correct body part
  • Surgeon performs the correct procedure on the wrong patient

These errors occur in spite of the hospital regulations which are in place to inhibit them and may burden a patient with additional financial expenses and significant trauma.

Legal Options

Recovering from a wrong site surgery can be extremely trying. If you have suffered such a surgical error because of a medical workers negligent care, it may be in your best interest to contact a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer in order to determine what your potential legal options are for pursuing the financial compensation that you may deserve.

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