visit siteThe Islamic Republic of Iran is considering filing a lawsuit following the success of the film “Argo,” which portrays the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis in a light the middle-eastern nation believes is derogatory.

The film follows the rescue of six hostages from the United States embassy in Iran during the crisis, which lasted a total of 444 days and coincided with the nation’s revolution. Argo won the Academy Award for best picture earlier this year.

Iran believes the film’s historically inaccurate portrayal of the events is harmful to its already suffering international relations. It has been criticized for taking liberties with historical events and stereotyping Iranians as hateful towards Americans. However, the film was never advertised as a documentary and therefore does not need to be historically accurate. It is not uncommon for films that are based on actual events take such liberties for the sake of narrative.

Many U.S. attorneys agree that the any potential lawsuit would have no merit. The United States and Iran do not have formal diplomatic ties. Iran is heavily sanctioned by the United States as well as the United Nations.

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