Freedom to Work, a national civil rights group, has filed a discrimination lawsuit against ExxonMobil for what it believes to be a breach of theĀ Illinois Human Rights Act, the state’s ban on anti-LGBT workplace discrimination.

The group conducted an experiment to support its suit. In this exercise, the civil rights organization applied to an Exxon job posting using two fictitious resumes, one belonging to a straight woman of modest qualifications and the other belonging to a lesbian with excellent qualifications, better job skills, and more work experience. The lesbian’s resume listed membership in a LGBT group while the straight woman’s resume had membership in a feminist organization in its stead.

The company contacted the straight women repeatedly to offer her the position despite not receiving any reply. They did not contact the lesbian applicant.

Exxon claims it has a strong corporate anti-discrimination policy, but what the company has on its books is not specific. It has been resistant of instating a concrete anti-LGBT discrimination policy and the company is urging shareholders to vote against such a policy being put into effect at an upcoming meeting.

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learn moreA nursing home in Decatur, Alabama is facing a wrongful death lawsuit after one of the residents died of aspiration pneumonia as a result of an accident.

The home was performing a routine fire drill in October of last year when one of the residents, a 93-year-old woman who was confined to a wheelchair, ended up accidentally rolling away from the caretakers. Her wheelchair was allegedly allowed to roll down a hill, propelling the aged woman out of it and into a ditch.

She was later found face down in the water and rushed to a hospital, where she died three days later.

The lawsuit alleges negligence on the part of the home, asserting that her caretakers should have ensured her safety by not leaving her in a dangerous place. The suit seeks unspecified damages and was filed on behalf of her estate.

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