Drunk driving is an extremely dangerous behavior and sadly, claims the lives of many people every year in the United States. Even buzzed driving can be fatal, and not just for those drivers who choose to engage in this unsafe behavior, but for anyone else who is on the road. This might include other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and even pedestrians. Unfortunately, many drunk driving accident victims simply do not have the time or ability to react to a drunk driver’s actions, largely due to their unpredictability. The families of drunk driving accident victims are often left not only with the emotional grief that comes with losing a loved one, but also with financial burdens.

The costs of funerals and memorial services are increasing, but these represent only a portion of the expenses that a family is likely to face. However, drunk drivers may be held legally and financially responsible the consequences of their actions through a wrongful death lawsuit. This compensation can, in some way, help a family to contend with the financial aspects of losing a person that they love, though it can never replace them.

Fatal Behaviors

Drunk drivers often exhibit very dangerous behaviors, and are unpredictable in their actions. The following are some of the reckless driving behaviors that a drunk driver may have been engaged in at the time of the tragic accident:

  • Tailgating or speeding
  • Swerving into oncoming traffic
  • Suddenly starting or failing to stop at lights
  • Swerving between lanes aggressively
  • Turning across lanes of traffic

These behaviors are very unsafe, and can have fatal consequences. Family members of deceased victims are strongly advised to seek legal counsel and representation to help them to better understand their rights in this difficult time.

If your loved one has been tragically killed by a drunk driver, a wrongful death lawsuit can help you to seek justice and financial compensation. Contact an attorney regarding a drunk driving accident case today.

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Commercial trucks are significantly heavier and larger than other vehicles on the roadway and accordingly pose a severe danger in the event of an accident. In recognition of this, there are many laws and regulations in place to promote heightened standards for the operation and maintenance of 18-wheelers. Regrettably, trucking companies or drivers may fail to uphold their respective responsibilities and others may suffer the painful consequences.

Severe injuries sustained in a truck accident will typically necessitate costly medical care. Moreover, a truck accident victims own vehicle is apt to be damaged if not destroyed altogether. Paying for these expenses can be extremely difficult for many, but you might not have to pay for them all on your own. If someone else is responsible for the accident that led to your injury or expense, that person or entity might actually owe you financial compensation.

What Caused the Accident?

There are many factors that could lead to a truck accident, but most of them are situations that should never occur, if people dutifully execute their duties. Some of the more common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Trucking company negligence
  • Driving for too many hours
  • Reckless or drunk driving
  • Fatigued or distracted driving

Determining the cause of a truck accident can require a thorough investigation and the failure to reach the correct conclusion can greatly compromise ones ability to seek financial compensation. Therefore it is strongly advisable to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney about your possible case. As a truck accident victim, know your rights. Speak with a personal injury attorney today.

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If you or someone you love has been injured by a reckless driver, an attorney may be able to help you file a lawsuit. Contact an attorney to find out more about car accident lawsuits.

What Constitutes Reckless Driving?

Because it is a broad term, reckless driving encompasses a number of driving actions. Some of the actions that frequently lead to reckless driving related accidents include:

  • Tailgating
  • Disregarding stop signs of stop lights
  • Excessive speeding
  • Drag racing
  • Weaving around traffic
  • Driving on the shoulder

When a person is injured by another driver who commits these or other reckless driving maneuvers, they may incur a number of expenses and costs, such as medical bills, property repair costs, lost income due to missed work, and more. Fortunately, victims of reckless drivers may be able to get these costs covered by filing a personal injury claim against the person responsible for the accident.

Individuals that have been harmed by reckless drivers may face serious injuries and property damage. In order to get financial compensation for these losses, it may be necessary to file a case against the reckless driver that put them in danger.  It’s a good idea to contact an car accident lawyer today to find out more information about your legal options.

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