No-fault Laws in Personal Injury Claims

When you have been injured in a car accident and have decided to file for a personal injury lawsuit against the person who caused the accident, you may have to consult with your personal injury lawyer or car accident lawyer regarding the laws in your state. There are states that follow the “no-fault” law regarding car accidents, and this law can significantly affect your personal injury or insurance claim. It is important that you should know and understand how this law affects your claim in order to be granted compensation after your lawsuit. If you need help, visit

Because of the “no-fault” law that some states follow about a dozen states in the US, can affect the procedure and possible result of your insurance or injury claim. According to the “no-fault” law, all drivers are required to possess an insurance that would protect themselves from potential damages and injuries should a car accident occur. This would mean that the first and legally favored source of compensation following a car accident is from your own insurance company, regardless of who is at-fault for the accident. There are certain exceptions or statutorily specific circumstances where you can file an injury or insurance lawsuit against the other party, and only if some conditions are met.

These “no-fault” laws are generally made to lower the number of negligence suit that are filed in the state courts. Many insurance companies are for the “no-fault” law because non-economic damages that are suffered after the accident are not allowed in the claims, saving them money. Only do life-threatening or life-changing circumstances will a personal injury lawyer or car accident lawyer be allowed to ask non-economic damages for their clients, and this can often be a long and complicated process.

No-fault laws for car accidents are currently used by the states of Kansas, Kentucky, District of Columbia, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, Hawaii, Utah, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, and North Dakota. Because of this law, anyone who has been into a car accident in these states can have limited compensation for their economic damages, covering only for the documented cost of car repair or replacement, medical and rehabilitation expenses, and lost wages. Suffering from a serious injury that can significantly affect the quality of life would usually require the help or a legal professional such as a car accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer to help recover for non-economic damages.

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