How Dangerous Are Road Defects?

Of the millions of car accidents that occur every year across the United States, a number of them can be attributed to roadway defects. As a driver, there are a number of factors you have to consider and a number of aspects to focus on in order to get from place to place as safely as possible. Along with driving responsibly and paying attention to other vehicles to vehicles, you shouldnt also have to worry about whether or not the roadway itself is free from hazards and safe.

Unfortunately, when construction crews fail to build or municipalities do not maintain the roadway properly, innocent drivers could suffer serious repercussions. No matter the roadway defect, they all can potentially cause serious damage to your vehicle and health.

Common Roadway Defects

Due to poor design, construction, or simply wear and tear over time, pavement can begin to erode away over time causing significant structural problems that increase the risk of an accident. When this happens, a roadway could develop dangerous shoulder drop-off heights, uneven pavement, and also potholes. Any of these defects could increase your chance of losing control of your vehicle and potentially having an accident.

Along with pavement defects, municipal negligence can also result in missing or damaged guardrails and traffic signs. Both signs and guardrails are essential for keeping traffic flowing smoothly and communicating important information with drivers such as speed limit, railroad warnings, and also when to stop or yield at an intersection. On the other hand, guardrails are a necessity for keeping vehicles safely on roads especially on elevated roadways or bridges.

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Suffering an injury from a negligent construction crew or government agency can severely damage your life. Learn about your legal options today by speaking with a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer.

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