Pharmaceutical Errors

Medical treatment is a long process which does not begin and end with a physician, but requires the effective and competent input of a large number of medical professionals. An often overlooked but critical component of this system is the role of the pharmacist, distributing vital medications to patients according to the prescriptions of doctors. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical errors are a significant problem in the United States and lead to approximately 1.3 million injuries each year, as well as 100,000 deaths.

Such injuries are especially dangerous as they affect a demographic already suffering from medical conditions which require direct care, making them much more vulnerable to further injury. Without legal intervention, these complications can create an enormous financial burden on the victims which they are incapable of sustaining.

Causes of Pharmacy Errors

The pharmaceutical distribution process demands precision and accuracy to ensure the safety of patients, an the following errors can have serious implications:

* Incorrect dosage or dosage instructions
* Providing an incorrect medication
* Complications arising from simultaneous use of multiple drugs
* Drug allergies

It is the responsibility of your pharmacist to exercise their education and experience in order to provide for your health and safety, and injuries caused by negligence should never be tolerated. If you have suffered an injury or illness caused by a pharmaceutical error, a team of Stevens Point personal injury lawyers may be able to help you seek compensation for your losses through either negotiation or litigation should the need arise.

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